A Thirst for Premium Gin

There has been a double digit growth in gin with volume sales outperforming the market.

What’s causing this gin revival?!

We put the recent gin revival down to the rise in popularity of premium gin made in South Africa with volume sales of super premium gins from South Africa on the rise.

“Gin is arguably the most exciting and versatile spirit category around. We’ve seen a great increase in demand for more premium gins over the past year with customers showing a greater interest in their origin and the botanicals used to make them; customers are turning more and more to the lesser known distilled premium gins”

To satisfy this increasing demand for premium gins, we’ve enhanced our offer by carefully sourcing new gins from South Africa

“It’s great to see so much variety when it comes to gin now with so many small independent distillers popping up across the country. Consumers are much more gin savvy and are showing a greater care as to which G goes in with their T.”