Spiced Up

Have you tasted the first TRULY African spiced rum?

It makes the perfect non-alcoholic “Gin & Tonic” but Mixologists can also create exciting new cocktails around it that gives people who are not drinking alcohol, for whatever reason, a great, complex, real adult alternative to the usual blend of sugar syrups and fruit juices. No naughty additives, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours – 0% sugar, 0% Alcohol.

Introducing Spiced UP, Incendo Distillery blended this spiced rum using our award winning ID Golden Rum with an array of herbs and spices.

While you’ll get the taste of vanilla, as with many other spiced rums, it doesn’t contain vanilla – but an indigenous herb called Umondi.

Then there’s the taste of Honeybush, and to balance the sweetness we bring in the spicy notes with flavours from the Pepperbark Tree’s leaves.

This is smooth enough to drink neat, or on ice as you would a premium whiskey. Or enjoy it with your favourite mixer. We just love it with Fitch & Leedes Craft Cola and a dash of lime juice or with Ginger Ale and a dash of Orange Bitters.