We offer a truly unique composite drinks supply solution making Baroq Liquor an efficient, reliable and well tested service partner.
We are well equipped to support you with range, product availability, and service and will be on hand to assist where needed.



An understanding of consumers allows us to advise you on what
drives their decisions, allowing you to optimise your drinks
offering. We combine our insight with key market trends
and analysis to shape not only our business but
yours too, delivering 
the range you want from a supplier,
with the assurance it will move across your bar.


Visual Merchandising

 Implementing effective visual merchandising makes sure you maximise
the opportunity to influence customer purchase decisions.
is a combination of product display, visual sales messages, point of sale
and menus. The correct use of merchandising can lead to beverage
choices that are more profitable for you, effective bar merchandising could
lead to an increase in consumer spend per head .



Tastings are probably the most effective tool wine and spirit
suppliers have to make a direct impact on moving more boxes
while building the brand. There are a lot of great new promotion ideas
out there, but in the wine and spirits business, getting customers to
put the product in their mouth is the most effective sales
promotion tool in our arsenal.